At age twenty-three, I had high hopes of completing my collegiate studies, getting married, having children, and living in a middle-class subdivision. I could see myself getting married to a tall, handsome, educated man who felt like he could never give me too much… I was young, optimistic, and determined not to let anything stand in my way. I was armed with an associate’s degree and had plans to attend Georgia State University. Yet, I was feeling abnormal… After weeks of a continual feeling of gloom, I sought a second opinion. After a blood test, Dr. Yu informed me that I was pregnant.

Latangela (Tangi) Coleman-Crossfield gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and named her Bianca. Overwhelmed with the demands of motherhood and suffering from a serious bout of postpartum depression, she made the tough decision to ask her parents to raise Bianca. Forever Seventeen<\i> chronicles their mother-daughter relationship and the struggles they endured as Bianca moved back and forth between her grandparents’ and her mother’s homes.

Tangi remained actively involved in her daughter’s life and began to build a life for herself. She met and married a man named Albert, she received her bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees, and she pursued a career. And whether they were living far apart or together, she and Bianca maintained a strong relationship. On March 11, 2006, three months before her graduation from high school, Bianca’s life was cut short by a tragic accident. Faced with overwhelming grief, Tangi found a way to honor the beautiful legacy of her only child Bianca, who will be Forever Seventeen. Available at Amazon.   Available at Tate Publishing.

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Kreative Christian Works’ (K.C.W.) mission is to reveal and develop within and for our clients the inherent extraordinary abilities that will move him and her forward in their personal and professional lives. Toward this goal, we work to impart knowledge and skills that encourages clients to obtain the results they desire. This also includes teaching critical thinking as a method to evaluate, access, and verify ideas as well as events and all transmitted information. Thus, K.C.W.’s collective energies and talents are employed to give our clients the confidence to seek for facts, to seek for truth, to compare opinions, to dialogue about world leaders, nature, and God.  This type of teaching ultimately transforms individuals and allows each one to discover his and her own values, purposes, talents, and gifts in order to appreciate cultural diversity and embrace their self-worth. And, you can support these works! A donation will allow the elderly, the underprivileged, and the underserved and at-risk youth to benefit from our services at a deep discount.


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Latangela Coleman-Crossfield is a lecturer and undergraduate advisor of history at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia. She is also the President and CEO of Kreative Christian Works, Inc. K.C.W.’s team of professionals are mentors who utilizes Biblical principles to empower individuals, corporations and organizations to get the results they desire.

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